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Communications, Engagement and Outreach

Making better use of crop diversity is vital to our future food and nutrition security, but this needs to be more widely known and recognized. The BOLD Project works with genebanks, plant breeders, farmers, seed producers and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the value of crop diversity and to advocate for the necessary financial, legal, technical and institutional support at national and international levels.

This element of the Project will highlight the vital role of genebanks and project partners on the global development agenda, including the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, in the conservation and use of crop diversity in support of climate change adaptation and food security.

It will also create and leverage a sustainable community of practice among partners to improve communication, outreach capacity and knowledge exchange. This will ensure that the genebanks, plant breeders, farmers, seed producers and others involved in seed systems have the skills and knowledge to continue to advocate for this work long after the project has ended. National and global campaigns will target stakeholders, especially farmers, seed system actors, and policymakers.

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